What does FISH mean?
FISH is an acronym for Friends In Service to Humanity. We are a registered non-profit, all-volunteer agency.
What kinds of assistance does Newberg FISH offer?
Newberg FISH primarily provides emergency food boxes to people who are struggling financially and who are eligible for our assistance.
Do I qualify for assistance?
Newberg FISH serves anyone who resides within our service area, meets USDA income eligibility guidelines and has a need for emergency food. Our service area covers the Newberg School District, which includes Newberg, Dundee and some residential areas just north of Newberg. People who are currently transient or without a permanent address are not required to show evidence of residency.
How can I get assistance?
You do not need an appointment. You’re welcome to come in anytime during our regular service hours and apply for assistance. If you are a resident of Newberg, please bring a piece of mail with your current address when you visit Newberg FISH. If you are currently transient or without a permanent address, you not required to show evidence of residency.
How can I help?
Go to our Helping/Partnering page for information about various ways you or your organization can partner with us.
Where does your food come from?
In 2014, Newberg FISH received and distributed 347,943 pounds of food to local residents in need. That food came from four sources: Newberg FISH 20014 Food Source Chart - cropped
Do you sell fish?

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